Global Conferences that can be seen on Livestream

The list of Conferences:

  1. FT/RSG Innovative Lawyers Forum Singapore

    Singapore | 28 March 2019

    The FT and RSG Consulting are bringing their innovative event to Singapore. In view of the exploration and editorial got from the examination and article for the FT Innovative Lawyers reports, they will assemble top legal innovators from the Asia Pacific locale for a one-day meeting. The Singapore Forum will concentrate on talent management, procedures, and data methodologies. The day will be ended with an intelligent workshop for representatives on the best way to connect advancement to purpose.

  1. FT Commodities Global Summit

    Natural Resources in Transition
    Lausanne | 25 – 27 March 2019

    As the world transitions to cleaner types of energy, the natural resources industry is facing a dramatic shift that will disrupt markets and test long-held suppositions. It should do this during a period of increased geopolitical strain and fast innovative change that is changing the manner in which business is being done.

    Be that as it may, the commodities industry has been very swift to adjust to new patterns and this time will be the same. For those organization that can recognize the amazing powers forming free market activity for raw materials and foodstuffs – colossal open doors lie ahead.Presently in its eighth year, the FT Commodities Global Summit has built up itself as the pre-prominent social event of senior commodity administrators, brokers, and agents. The current year’s Summit will include probably the greatest names talking on the patterns that matter most in natural resources.

  1. FT Digital Surgery Summit

    Improving Surgical Outcomes with Smart Technology
    San Francisco | 21 March 2019

    The fate of surgery will be molded by a large group of elements, from the ascent of artificial intelligence to the development of hardware and sensors.

    Mind-blowing developments are being made in computing power, miniaturisation and network, enabling surgeons to decrease chances and enhance patient outcomes.In any case, the surgical field has been slower to adjust to new advancements than the broader consumer economy. Regulations that are outdated might be incompletely unnecessary to a fault yet as there has apparently been an absence of spotlight on digitising surgery in a way that is broadly available.

    For instance, minimally invasive robotic surgery has been around for quite a long time yet it is still commonly unreasonably expensive. In the event that digitising surgery truly is the way forward, it must be for the many, not the few.

    The FT Digital Surgery Summit will analyse how cutting edge innovations are changing execution in the operating room. Essentially, the event will likewise address the issues of cost, scale, and access that accompany bringing surgery into the digital era. Thought pioneers from across the healthcare sector will share vital insights on key issues with an unbiased spotlight on opportunities and challenges.

    In case you are unable to access the live stream, you can read this article.

  1. FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards 2019

    In the Business World, Boldness Matters More than ever
    London | 14 March 2019

    In this unstable and unpredictable environment, the requirement for business to exude boldness has never been greater: the requirement for business executives to think and plan past the present moment; the requirement for workforces to grasp change; the requirement for organisations, vast and little, to think about how to build sustainable businesses in an environment where rivalry is tougher than at any other time.

    This is the purpose for the FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards, presently celebrating their 11th year. From the beginning, the awards have established themselves as forces of reckoning in their repertoire, thanks to the worldwide reach and the excellent credentials of the eight-member judging board.The honors will include competitors from Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

    Victors are chosen by a board of experts including Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times and Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman and Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal, who base their choice on a waitlist drawn up by the Financial Time’s global network of bureau executives and senior columnists.

    Past award winners are, Sir James Dyson of Dyson, Helena Morrissey of The 30% Club, Andy Jassy of Amazon Web Services, Travis Kalanick of Uber, Moya Greene of Royal Mail, Warren Buffet, Ivan Glasenberg of Glencore; the trailblazers at Preferred Networks, M-KOPA, Samsung, Huawei, Apple and DeepMind Technologies; SoftBank, the Japanese telecommunications and internet corporation and UK robotics engineer, Oxbotica.

  1. Rethinking DC

    Elective procedures for anchoring better results
    London | 27 March 2019

    Pensions Expert in collaboration with Aberdeen Standard Investments will be hosting Rethinking Defined Contribution Pensions, an official discussion that will focus on how default funds are meeting up with the challenges and providing better retirement results.The occasion will likewise investigate how best to evaluate a scheme’s investment delivery and whether it is producing value for money and analyse how schemes are administering new directions encompassing ecological, social and governance risks into their investment policy; just as in the case of loosening up obstructions to access in the private markets could help meet a scheme’s risk and return objectives.